Catlin Consortium

The Catlin Consortium is a leading group of organizations dedicated to ensuring the safety of over-the-counter products for consumers and clean competing environments for athletes. A current priority is addressing the possible presence of potentially harmful hidden active ingredients in dietary supplements and helping alleviate the associated risks to consumers and athletes.

The Catlin Consortium is the joint marketing cooperative and administrative hub for three distinct entities founded and operated by renowned anti-doping and toxicology expert Don Catlin, M.D., and son Oliver Catlin. The nonprofit/NGO Anti-Doping Research, Inc. and the companies Anti-Doping Sciences Institute and Banned Substances Control Group make up the Catlin network of organizations. serves as a general portal of information for the Catlin network and links to the websites for each organization as well as the blog, The Catlin Perspective, the Catlins’ frank exploration of current topics of interest. For more about our organizations and the work they are doing, please contact The Catlin Consortium today at or 310-482-6925.